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VIDA Appointment Options

Complimentary 15-minute Consultation

Dr. George offers a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation for new patients. Or if you prefer, you may come into the office. After that, you would choose whether to make an appointment to see her for the Discovery Visit. If you do not feel the need for the consultation, you can go straight to the Discovery Visit.

Functional Medicine Discovery Visit (deposit required)

The Discovery Visit is a comprehensive Functional Medicine analysis of your health assessment findings. Dr. George will identify the specialty labs and lifestyle recommendations for your journey to health. The patient will fill out a Functional Medicine Analysis on the confidential Living Matrix website to be reviewed during appointment. The Discovery Visit includes:

– Customized Action Plan

– Nutrition Counseling

– Functional Medicine Analysis

At the conclusion of this visit, Dr. George will suggest which package (4 or 6 months) she feels would be best for the patient, based on the assessment. Or the patient may also choose to go with individual appointments. The patient will decide, then they will fill out three Living Matrix medical history intake forms before their next appointment.

Four Month Path to Wellness Package

Visit 1: One hour of Dr. George’s time reviewing your medical history prior to your appointment; an 80-minute Patient Education & Evaluation Session with Dr. George including a physical exam and a personalized health plan; and a Seca Body Composition Analysis and Interpretation by Dr. George. You will also meet with our Medical Assistant to go over any questions on supplements or tests you may want. Total length of appt: approximately 2 hours.

Visit 2: 55-minute follow-up appt with Dr. George to review labs and progress

Visit 3: 30 minutes with certified health coach Leslie Harrington, who will work with you to outline a plan to exceed your health and wellness goals

Visit 4: 25-minute follow-up appointment with Dr. George

Visit 5: 25-minute follow-up appointment, and another Seca Body Composition Analysis and Interpretation by Dr. George

Path to Wellness Continuation Package

Option 1: Pre-pay for four 25-minute follow-up visits and GET 10% OFF!

Option 2: Pre-pay for eight 25-minute follow-up visits and GET 15% OFF!

Six Month Premium Wellness Package

– 6 visits with Dr. George (one 80-minute visit, one 55-minute visits and four 40-minute visits)

– 6 visits with Health Coach Leslie (two 60-minute visits and four 45-minute visits)

– Weekly accountability calls or texts with Leslie for the entire 6 months

– Three Vitamin B cocktail shots (or as needed)

– Email access to Leslie and Patient Coordinator Ulla

– A body composition analysis done on the most high-tech performance machine available on the market at the onset, middle and end of your 6 months to help guide and motivate you

– 15% off supplements and guidance choosing these high-quality nutraceuticals

– No service charge for blood draws

– Support handouts and “cheat sheets”

– Leslie’s “Rediscover You” journal

– Beyond the above services, you will have ongoing email access for questions and support

Six Month Premium PLUS Wellness Package

Everything that is included in the Premium Wellness Package, PLUS:

– HeartMath training and sensor: learn to change your heart rhythm pattern to create physiological coherence; a scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in our mind, emotions and body.

– Cambridge Brain Sciences assessment: an online brain health assessment service that takes seconds to set up, is engaging and enjoyable for patients, and produces a reliable and scientifically-validated cognitive assessment report.

– Personalized VIDA binder to organize your personalized plans, test results, and appointment notes.

– 7-day AM/PM Vitamin Holder with 14 pill compartments to help you maintain your vitamin regimen.

Nutritional Assessment (does not need Discovery Visit)

This appointment includes the NutrEval test- an advanced nutritional analysis designed to reveal nutritional imbalances or inadequacies. (includes the blood draw in our office, the test kit, and kit processing) The patient will also receive a Seca Body Composition Analysis and Interpretation by Dr. George, done prior to this appt. Patient will also complete the short form for Functional Analysis before visit. Visit includes interpretation of results for both tests and a Customized Action Plan. Single visit.

College Prep Package

Does not need a Discovery Visit. Includes:

– A one hour well visit with Dr. George
– Complete physical exam and completion of any associated health-related paperwork necessary for college admission (this is a well visit- not meant for those with serious health issues)
– Private, confidential discussion with the student covering any topics they feel uncomfortable talking to their parents about (sex, drugs, smoking, alcohol, STDs, etc.)
– Questionnaire/Screening for anxiety, insomnia, and diet.
– Two 15-minute phone or Skype health advice sessions with Dr. George during the school year to discuss any health concerns (confidential, accessible, encourages independence)
– The Dorm Doc First Aid Kit- A 125-piece first aid kit designed by a pharmacist especially for college students with 60% FDA-approved over the counter medications and 40% first aid supplies, including a user friendly, color-coded instruction page
– One month supply of the top essential vitamins needed by teenagers in 30 convenient individual packets
– A copy of “The Dorm Doctor” College Handbook for Health by Dr. George


VIDA Integrative Medicine offers various comprehensive packages that address individual’s specific needs. Please call our office to discuss our fees for various services that range from individual M.D. consultations to collaborative options that combine M.D. and nutritional consultations. Dr. George, along with our patient coordinator, will work with you to identify the most appropriate package for your unique health needs.


Nutritional therapy and diagnostic testing are both integral components of your treatment plan. A variety of specialized and traditional tests are used for an in-depth evaluation of the root cause of the individuals medical condition. Appropriate nutritional supplements based on testing results are often recommended and we will help you select and find the highest quality products.

Our office staff will discuss all testing costs with you at checkout after your first visit. The costs can vary depending on what aspects of your health are being tested. Our staff will help determine which are best for you. You will receive all final lab test results and interpretations at your follow up visit.


Dr. George is a functional medicine provider and therefore considered an out-of-network provider. We work for you… not the insurance companies. This allows us to provide the highest quality integrative and functional medicine services.

Office visits are an out of pocket cost as we don’t bill insurance, but we give our patients a “super bill” that lists your diagnostic and procedure codes and you can use that to file a claim with your health insurance. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll receive a reimbursement though. Most patients get the amount applied to their deductible – others have received partial reimbursements. It depends on your individual plan. Check with your insurer to see if they cover certain lab tests if they have been ordered for you.

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