Ongoing Learning

One of the most important aspects of your health journey is to stay informed with reputable sources of information. Never forget that “knowledge is power.”

I encourage all my patients to take charge of their health by learning as much as possible about their health issues. Unfortunately,  technology has created a platform for presenting conflicting information that can create some overwhelm.

You can be sure that the information I provide here has been vetted by me. Through my training as a Functional Medicine doctor – I have spent hundreds of hours weeding out the good from the not-so-good. I am passionate about providing the best information possible to my patients.

VIDA Academy is a relatively new project that I intend to become the cornerstone of information for my patients.

Members of the Academy have access to courses, E-books, Specialty diet recipes, and monthly online office hours led by myself on various topics.

It’s a fantastic and affordable resource for anyone serious about living a healthy and vibrant life. Visit for more information.


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Learn to master and reverse Type 2 Diabetes when you download “The Blood Sugar Manifesto” for free. And watch my Facebook Live interview with Dr. Mowll, who is passionate about reversing the rising incidence of diabetes! Learn about weight loss and the Ketogenic diet, your brain health and diabetes, prediabetes, stress and diabetes and much more.

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