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Dr. George is on vacation June 20- July 7, but stop in the office to take advantage of some amazing specials!

I will be out of the office June 20- July 7, returning on Monday, July 8. While I’m away, my staff will be in the office (except on July 4), so blood draws, supplements, and IV Infusions (by appt) will be available
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IV Therapy – Providing High Impact Nutrients for Enhanced Health!

The newest health infatuation sweeping across the nation is infusion therapy. Otherwise known as IV cocktails or Meyers Cocktail (the traditional blend), these “vacations in a bag” can relieve stress, replace nutrients, ease
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The Benefits of IV Therapy for Those with Chronic Disease

Anyone that is struggling with a chronic disease knows that anything that gives temporary relief is welcome. Along with disease comes stress, anxiety, and treatments that may be harmful to the body. Let’s look at a few chroni
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Athletes: Boost and Restore with IV Infusion Therapy!

IV infusion therapy is becoming increasingly popular among athletes as they often will push themselves to the edge of their endurance. At the end of a training session or an event, the athlete may be dehydrated, experience mu
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VIDA is now offering IV Nutrient Infusions!

We are improving the VIDA experience! We’ve expanded our office with a larger, more comfortable waiting room with complimentary beverages, along with increased staffing to better meet our patients’ needs. We are n
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Join the VIDA team! We’re hiring a Front Desk Receptionist and a Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner.

Position: Full-time Front Desk Receptionist Dr. George is dedicated to providing personalized healthcare by identifying and addressing the root causes of illness through an approach called Functional and Integrative Medicine.
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