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Resist the Risk – 9 Positive Actions for a Healthy Heart

As we celebrate HEART MONTH, the heart becomes a ubiquitous symbol seen everywhere from retail shelves to our children’s classrooms. Our heart chakra and spiritual center is located in our chest near our physical heart. For t
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6 Health Tips to Make 2015 a Year of Lasting Changes

It is 2015! A new year is upon us! For many of this it is a time when we renew pledges to be “better”…whether it is to “be better” at exercise, diet, how we interact with others or our self or a variet
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I am….Grateful

With the opening of my new Integrative Functional Medicine office, VIDA Integrative Medicine, I am filled with Gratitude. Gratitude for how the universe is conspiring to put people in my path that have encouraged and supporte
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