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Pass the Polyphenols!🍒🍷🥜🍫🍠

Is anyone immune to the over-indulgence of the holidays? How can we not partake in the host of goodies that appear just about everywhere we look? We are invited to holiday parties and family gatherings, or we may be traveling
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Create the life you want in 2020 at the VIDA Vision Board Party!

Hello patients and friends! Are you confused about what your next move should be? Are you transitioning into a new stage in your life? Do you have a plan for what you want to accomplish in 2020? Join us Nov. 18th at the VIDA
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Healthy Lunches = Healthier Kids!

Even though my children have left the nest for college and beyond, I still remember the quality of the food offered in school lunchrooms. It’s so tempting to take the easy road and succumb to just letting them survive on what
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We’re Hiring a Patient Coordinator! Work with Dr. Carolyn George and the VIDA team!

At VIDA Integrative Medicine, we emphasize an integrative approach to the health and wellness of our patients. We use both conventional medicine and evidence based complementary therapies and modalities. Our holistic approach
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Join the VIDA team! We’re hiring a Front Desk Receptionist and a Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner.

Position: Full-time Front Desk Receptionist Dr. George is dedicated to providing personalized healthcare by identifying and addressing the root causes of illness through an approach called Functional and Integrative Medicine.
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August sale on the “VIDA Performance” IV infusion!

Dear patients and friends,  To help you achieve that summer beach body you’re working so hard on, we’re running a 15% off special on the “VIDA Performance” IV infusion for the month of August! The
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