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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you mean by a Team Approach?

A: At VIDA Integrative Medicine we believe that patients are most successful in achieving their long-term health goals when they are part of a team. A team of professionals whose sole purpose is to help identify the root cause of your health concerns and then to help you make the transition to a healthier you.

Q: What do you mean by the patient being “participatory” or an active member of the “Team”?

A: Research has shown that patients who are involved in their health care decisions are most likely to follow through and be actively engaged in practices that make them healthier. By understanding the WHY, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN of your disease or symptoms, you are able to make healthy decisions on a daily basis.

Q: How does your practice foster patient involvement?

A: We are an “education based practice”. We want you to understand important details about your conditions so you can sit with us side-by-side in the decision making process.  For example, if your most recent blood work shows a newly diagnosed diabetes problem, you may be assigned some reading related to diabetes, medications, heart disease and/or lifestyle solutions related to lowering blood sugar naturally.

Q: Who makes up this TEAM and how does it work?

A: As Functional and Integrative specialists, our expertise lies in identifying the root cause of disease and then implementing individually targeted interventions including therapeutic diets, nutrient therapy, individualized physical activity and behavioral modification techniques to achieve our extraordinary patient outcomes. We accomplish this through our multidisciplinary team approach. Every member of the VIDA IM Team has their own area of passion & expertise. We have weekly team meetings when we discuss & coordinate our patients’ personalized care plans. Depending upon the nature of your issues your team may be made up of anywhere from 2-4 specialists in their field. So rather than being cared for by one provider, your care is carefully orchestrated among a team of experts, each with something unique to add to your experience. Then we add YOU as an integral TEAM VIDA member. We ask you to give 100% and we will too! We are excited to work with patients who are willing to invest time, energy and resources to invest in their health. With this partnership we realize the most amazing life changing solutions for you and your family.

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