Digestive Disorders

No one is immune from the occasional stomach ache. However, prolonged or irregular issues with your gut and stomach could be the signs of serious digestive problems that require medical attention.

When a common “bellyache” becomes a regular weekly event, it could mean a severe gut imbalance that can have far-reaching consequences for your overall health. Don’t just chalk it up to having a “sensitive” stomach; see a health professional and discover answers that will help you to avoid compromising your long-term health.

Types of Digestive Diseases and their Symptoms

Some examples of digestive issues that commonly go undiagnosed yet need medical attention include IBD (Crohn’s Disease/Ulcerative Colitis), Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Pathogens and Parasites growing in the gut and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

Symptoms of these conditions include constipation, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, acid reflux, anxiety and neurological problems, new food allergies, and skin rashes, to name a few.

How We Can Help

At VIDA Integrative Medicine, our medical team is expertly trained to discuss the symptoms and causes of your digestive health problems and diagnose an effective treatment plan. We are thorough in our assessment and will start with addressing nutrition, undiagnosed medical issues, stress, gluten allergy, inflammation, or infection. However, we will dig deeper until we get to the source of your discomfort.

Taking gut issues seriously can mean vibrant health for a lifetime. The gut has many crucial roles in protecting the overall health and wellness of our bodies, starting with the intake and absorption of nutrients and water. However, few people realize that gut health isn’t just about having proper digestion and nutritional uptake; a healthy gut plays a significant role in the health of your immune system and your brain.

Recent medical breakthroughs have shown that the balance of friendly gut microbes that live in your digestive systems rule the entire health of your body. The good gut “bugs” are your first defense against harmful viruses and bacteria and safeguard proper communication from your brain to the body not only for proper digestion but also to regulate mood and manage stress levels.

Our team will help restore your health as quickly as possible before any further damage to digestive organs occurs. If you have been experiencing symptoms that may relate to digestive problems and are looking for answers, schedule an appointment with VIDA Integrative Medicine today!

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