I just want to check in and see how everyone is doing. I’m beginning to resolve myself to the fact that the COVID virus is going to be a part of our lives for quite some time. For that reason, I want to keep all of my patients and their friends and families informed with information that I believe to be accurate and up to date.

During times like this, when we find ourselves looking in the face of something new and overwhelming like this, we can comfort ourselves with the power of knowledge. However, in our world of social media, multiple news sources, and of course, the advice and opinions of our family and friends, it isn’t easy to know what to believe.

Researchers have identified 198 mutations of COVID-19, which means developing a vaccine that will be effective for everyone could prove to be a challenge. We may see this virus follow the ranks of the flu and continue to proliferate year after year.

My passion is to educate my patients and help them maintain their health and immune support through natural means – including nutrition. I find the following articles to be useful and informative.

  1. Jeffrey Bland is a leader in the field of Functional Medicine. In the following article, he links metabolic syndrome to the increased risk of COVID-19. He suggests a diet that focuses on phytonutrients and nourishing plant compounds.


  1. The Institute for Functional Medicine is one of my trusted resources. I believe the information you will find in this article, “Boosting Immunity: Functional Medicine Tips on Prevention & Optimizing Immune Function During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak,” will answer many of your questions. https://www.ifm.org/news-insights/boosting-immunity-functional-medicine-tips-prevention-immunity-boosting-covid-19-coronavirus-outbreak/
  2. One thing you all know about me is I always say, “Eat the rainbow!” I have discovered a downloadable guide, “The Healing Power of Color,” which is chock full of nutrition advice that will assist your immune support and give you some ideas of how to include more phytonutrients into your diet. Check it out at the link below. https://d7zcxz97.pages.infusionsoft.net/?fbclid=IwAR2zccyks5dhkPlgy1KEYBZGNBN1nlgLcq2hFzs0Ig1ywiiPQAVoP7C0c7g
  3. You can learn more about the author of the guide through the following link. https://www.deannaminich.com/

I care about your health and well-being. I am making it my mission to do all I can to help you stay ahead of the curve and continue to live a healthy, vital life amidst this pandemic. Please reach out and let me know if I can address any of your concerns during this challenging time.

Best in health,

Dr. “G”