Anyone that is struggling with a chronic disease knows that anything that gives temporary relief is welcome. Along with disease comes stress, anxiety, and treatments that may be harmful to the body. Let’s look at a few chronic diseases that benefit from IV infusions and why.

Migraines – Sometimes migraines are so severe that they warrant a trip to the emergency room. IV therapy blends may treat pain, nausea, and inflammation simultaneously. Some results have shown that IV infusions remain effective in alleviating migraines for up to one month after treatment.

Fibromyalgia – From its beginnings, the Meyers Cocktail was often used to treat fibromyalgia. Many patients discovered it significantly relieved their pain and tender points and improved their quality of life. Magnesium is a key ingredient in many infusion blends. Low magnesium is common among Americans and associated with many of the symptoms of fibromyalgia including insomnia, fatigue, muscle cramps, and weakness.

Liver Disease – The toxins in the air and our food have our livers working overtime. Moderate to heavy drinking and smoking also add to bombarding the liver. When the liver can’t keep up – toxins remain in our body and cause health complications. A specially blended infusion for the liver might include glutathione which is a master antioxidant.

Cancer – It’s unfortunate that chemotherapy not only poisons the tumor, but it also poisons the patient’s healthy cells. Often nausea leads to poor nutrition and dehydration. Getting an IV infusion can provide essential vitamins and alleviate nausea. Additionally, many patients find that Vitamin C therapy is a powerful aid in fighting the disease and easing the effects of chemotherapy.

IV infusion is a powerful therapy to get beneficial nutrients into your body at the cellular level. By bypassing digestion and absorption patients can see a transformative result that can not be achieved by oral dosing.


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