The newest health infatuation sweeping across the nation is infusion therapy. Otherwise known as IV cocktails or Meyers Cocktail (the traditional blend), these “vacations in a bag” can relieve stress, replace nutrients, ease a hangover or boost your immune system.

Infusion therapy has been around a long time. In the 1930s, Dr. Thomas Latta experimented with injecting salt water into the bloodstream to fight cholera. By the 60s, IV therapy use was standard in hospitals worldwide. It was also during this era that Dr. John Meyers, an innovative physician working at John Hopkins Hospital began to experiment with infusion therapy as a “cocktail for enhanced health.” When he died in 1984, the recipe for his potion went with him. Later on, Dr. Alan Gaby worked tirelessly to uncover the lost formula and published a review in the Alternative Medicine Review in 2002. This study started the revolution that has led to today’s “IV boom.”

The power behind IV infusion therapy lies in getting beneficial nutrients into your body at the cellular level. By bypassing digestion and absorption patients can see a transformative result that cannot be achieved by oral dosing.

As we look around today, you can find these treatments at many medical spas and offices of holistic and integrative medical doctors. Infusion spas usually have a “menu” of specific blends which are an intravenous infusion of saline infused with vitamins. An example of a standard mix might be B-complex vitamins such as thiamin, B12, and folate, high dose vitamin C, and sodium bicarbonate.

As the field develops – cocktails are blended especially for athletes, the chronically ill, and those who need immune boosting support. The benefits of the infusions can be more energy, clear skin, reduced headaches, and stress relief depending on the blend you choose.

If this sounds like something you might like to try, this is what to expect. Prepare for your visit by eating a light meal and drinking plenty of water. A staff member will greet you, take a quick medical assessment, and get you seated in a plush lounge chair where you will have a blanket available for your comfort. Then you can peruse the menu and choose the “cocktail” of your choice. The entire treatment will take between 30-60 minutes. You may feel a flush as the liquids move through your body. Immediately after these treatments, people report feeling rested and energized.

For best results, make sure a trained medical professional administers the treatment and that you know all the ingredients. If you have any questions or would like to have a closer look at how infusion therapy works, please visit our new IVIDA Infusion Lounge located in the newly expanded office of VIDA Integrative Medicine or call us at (954) 361-5202.


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