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August sale on the “VIDA Performance” IV infusion!

Dear patients and friends, 

To help you achieve that summer beach body you’re working so hard on, we’re running a 15% off special on the “VIDA Performance” IV infusion for the month of August!

The VIDA Performance is our version of the “Myers Cocktail”, and will help you power through your workout with a specially formulated blend of minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes for optimized endurance and immediate results. It also improves your stamina and aids in rapid muscle recovery.

The VIDA Performance is normally $135, for the month of August it will be 15% off- only $115. Please call the office at (954) 361-5202 to schedule your appointment.

I will be out of the office August 8th-18th, back on Monday, August 19, so please contact the office or message me on the patient portal before the 8th if you have any pressing issues. I hope you are enjoying your summer with your family and friends, stay safe and healthy!

Dr. Carolyn George

Carolyn S. George, MD, the founder and owner of VIDA Integrative Medicine, is dedicated to providing personalized healthcare by identifying and addressing the root causes of illness through an approach called Functional and Integrative Medicine. Her functional medical approach helps her find answers so she can treat the root cause of disease instead of just treating the symptoms. She works closely with her patients to explore their health and identify areas of improvement with both traditional medicine as well as nutritional support to maximize their health and well being. Dr. George is board certified in Urgent Care Medicine (ABUCM) receiving her undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Manitoba. She received her post-graduate training in Toronto at St. Mary’s Hospital and has practiced in both the United States and Canada. Dr. George has spent over 25 years working in the area of Emergency and Urgent care medicine where she observed the long-term consequences of poor lifestyle choices, oversight in management, inadequate patient education and difficult to treat conditions. She realized that her expertise and passion could make a real impact on her patient’s health before irreversible damage has occurred. Since then she has focused exclusively on applying a whole system approach of functional and integrative medicine to her practice. Dr. George believes strongly that patients make better choices about their health when they understand all the relevant factors that lead to their disease.
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